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Wyoming Tavern is unique in that it is located in what was once an old hotel for the railway that ran from New Castle County to the southern border of the state.  The railway was completed in 1859, and in the 1890's, a small hotel was built across from the railroad station in Wyoming, and that hotel is the core of the present Wyoming Tavern. Upstairs there are seven rooms still numbered and a shared bathroom, as was common in hotels of that time period.


In the early 1900's , the hotel was the home of a barber shop and an ice cream parlor until William and Goldie King transformed it into a tavern sometime in the 1940's.  On January 3, 1955, Kirk and Margaret Brown purchased Wyoming Tavern and Package Store, and temporarily moved into the rooms upstairs.  In Delaware, licenses for both package stores and taverns are no longer granted.  Wyoming Tavern is unique in that it still retains this license.

When E. Kirk Brown, III stepped in to run the business, the pool room was added on one side and the package store was expanded from a small room the size of a closet to its present size.  Recently, a kitchen was added for dine-in and take-out options. Check out our menu: Wyoming Tavern Grill.

The building has been restored to more closely reflect its original design from the turn of the 19th century.  Additionally, the interior has  undergone a transformation in an effort to more closely conform to its '50's origins with the Brown family.  The 18 foot shuffleboard, one of the few remaining in the state, is an original from the late 1950s and is still free to patrons on a first come, first serve basis.  Many vintage signs were found stored in the old hotel rooms above, and after stripping some of the floors and walls, a better idea of what the original interior of the hotel might have looked like was revealed.  


These things have been the guide for the building's update --- or backdate.  We hope that you will come in and see a true original... a very real neighborhood pub that has been in the Brown family for over

60 years.

In 2016, Brown's was restored to reflect its original, 19th century design.
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